You Can Do Your Own Hair

If you are like me and using wigs while you transition from relaxed to natural hair, you may be wondering what to do with your own hair while wearing wigs.  The answer is PLAY IN IT!  What you do not want to do is grow up a full head of natural hair for 1 to 2 years and then not know how to manage your hair at the end of your journey.

What I did and what I suggest everyone do is at least do your hair once a week.  Whether it be to wear out or just to practice while staying in.  I started by washing and conditioning my own hair every week and typically I would flat iron it since early on most of my hair was relaxed straight.    I thought it would be easier to straighten the roots instead of trying to curl the relaxed hair.  I wish I had done the opposite though, curled the straight hair with various rod sets to match my curls.  That would have made the transition a lot easier.  I later learned to roller set my own hair, something I had never done on my own until I transitioned to natural.

If you have never washed you own hair, and assuming you do not want to see a stylist, use your usual shampoo and conditioner.  If you have no shampoo or conditioner, you are in luck since you get to start fresh with a shopping trip.  Refer back to my products posts about what to look for in shampoo and conditioner.  I own various shampoo and conditioner products and most often deep conditioner with a steamer.  If you do not have rollers, combs, brushes, refer back to my products posts to see what items you should by and those you can do without.

Once your wash and conditioning are complete, it’s time to detangle your hair.  Start  from the ends and work your way to the roots, removing any shed hair and knots as you work your way to the roots.  Once detangled, your hair is ready for styling: blow drying, flat ironing, roller sets, braid outs, twists outs or whatever style you would like to try.

Remember, your relaxed hair and natural hair are very different and you should take your time.  If you become impatient, it could led to knots and tangles as well as frustration.  I suggest washing your hair when you have a couple of hours at home alone.  If you have kids, maybe wash & condition before they get up on Sunday morning or after they have gone to bed in the evening.  Taking your time and learning how to manage your hair is key.