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Headwrap phase – protective styling for natural hair

My sister has been wearing a headwrap off and on for a while.  I finally gave in and decided to give headwraps a try.  Granted, I cannot wear them to work but I took the opportunity to wear a few while on vacation.  I bought multiple headwraps and some fabric that I like to make into headwraps.  Some are a bit stiff while the silk once are a bit too light to give me cool shapes.  I ended up doing a top knot with each fabric since the headwrap styles I tried at home before leaving for vacation proved to be too difficult for me.  I didn’t really figure how to wear sunglasses with a headwrap, yet.  I’m sure there is a trick to it that I just don’t know yet.  For my edges, in some photos at least, I used Creme of Nature Argan Oil edge control.

Let me know what you think.  My favorite is the afro puff fabric.  I bought 2 yards and will probably use the rest to make a skirt (have made, I don’t sew).