Flat Twist Out – First Attempt

I finally tried a flat twist out for the first time ever!  I recorded it here:  http://youtu.be/iHviua7cMaU

Although it turned out well, it took me 40 minutes to put in 6 twists.  I did the flat twist out on hair that had been in a bun.  The curl pattern turned out very different from my two strand twist out.  It was more springy probably because of the way I twisted my hair as I flat twisted it.  I ended up using Curl Prep Sweet Buttah.  Next time I will try 8 to 10 twists since the parts were a little too large using just 6 twists.  I think the process will get faster if I try this style more often.  I think this style is easier than two strand twists, for me at least, despite it taking a while for me to put in the flat twists.