Don’t Sleep on Supercuts

I have not had a good trim in 7 months, other than clipping off the ends of my two strand twists on my own.  I was going to try a new salon but when I drove over to make the appointment I was told that a trim was $100.  I made an appointment for a trim at another salon that I’ve used and was told that a trim is $75.

I was really shocked at the prices so I asked around and a few people mentioned that they use Supercuts for trims.  I figured I needed to straighten my hair so I went about washing, conditioning, blowing out and flat ironing my hair before running over to Supercuts.  My hair was greasy looking since I used too much thermal protection serum.

I filmed it here:

I drove over to Supercuts and was helped right away.  My name was added to the list although was not sure if the two people sitting in the middle of the salon on a bench were waiting for service.  The stylist is ready for me in under 3 minutes since she was finishing up with another person when I walked in.  I explained that I’m natural and I had just blown out and flat ironed my hair to get a good trim.  It was really obvious that I used to much thermal protection serum since my hair was just a greasy mess.  I explained what happened and the stylist went about cutting my hair and we discussed different products that she uses on her grand kids who have curly hair.   It was a quick trim and for the first time in life I asked a stylist to CUT MORE of my hair.  My ends were looking raggedy and I felt that I really needed a bit more trimmed off.   The price, after taxes, was $18.76 + $5 tip since she did have to deal with my greasy thermal protecton serum mess.

I tried to do my Goody Spin Pin bun on my straight hair but it did not turn out well.  I improvised and took the comb that I had already placed at the back of my bun and tucked under the ends to form a bun.

It turns out that she could have cut my hair curly.  Oh well.   At least I know for next time.  I think I have found my new go to salon for a good trim.  I have a Split Ender I felt that I needed an all over trim and the Split Ender was just not enough.  I can maintain a good trim or a good cut with the Split Ender now that I’ve gotten it done.

Don’t sleep on Supercuts if you need a reasonably priced trim or hair cut.  I plan to start trimming my hair more regularly.  I wear my hair out about 95% of the time which means my ends are exposed to the elements and need to be trimmed more often.