Ever had a Detangling Orgasm? GVP The Detangler

The DetanglerHave you ever had a detangling orgasm?  Well, if you haven’t let me tell you about my experience.

I’ve been wearing Havana twists for a while, having them redone about every 2 months.  The beauty of a protective style means I don’t need to buy any new products so getting my product junkie habits under control was easier.  However, I was on the search for a good detangler after taking down my style.  I tried all sorts of products recommended by different braiders including Mane and Tail detangler (works well but I wanted something better) and Cowboy magic (didn’t work well for me) which I hunted down in Manhattan for $14.  I came across GVP The Detangler (the generic version of Paul Mitchell detangler) at Sally’s.  There is no Sally’s near me in NYC.  The closest one is in Jersey City so I don’t really go to Sally’s much.  I stop in Sally’s when I’m back home visiting family for the holidays where Sally’s is across the street in a shopping center.  Since I was there, I picked up some Infusium 23 (to spray on my hair while in Havana twists) and a couple of GVP products that I’ve seen recommended.  I actually forgot about The Detangler when I took out my Havana twists.  I used Mane and Tail and tried the Cowboy Magic.  I reached for The Detangler when I was preparing my hair for crochet braids since I didn’t want this new braider to struggle with my hair to install the base braid pattern.

The moment I put The Detangler in my hair, I knew it was love.  My hair was in a twist out but as I was doing the twists, I sort of felt like my hair wasn’t detangled well enough.  I decided to detangle again with a rattail comb and deman to make sure all of the shed hair was removed.  I had already done a protein treatment with Komaza Care Protein Strengthener before the twist out.  The Detangler glided through my hair like butter on fresh baked bread.  I always detangle from ends back up to the roots.  When I hit snags, which I did more often than I expected, instead of having to pull out the tangles strand by strand, I was able to use my seamless comb to work out the tangles.  I actually stood there for a moment in disbelief at how great it worked for me.  I haven’t had a relaxer since 2007 and I’ve been fully natural since 2009 and I have tried a ton of products.  In fact, I probably should have returned about half of the products in my stash but instead I’ve given them to family and friends who are going natural.  The Detangler has made it to my Holy Grail list of products which includes Komaza Care Protein Treatment (bought 2 bottles during the Black Friday sale) and Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner (have 3 backups).  Yes, that’s it after all these years….these are the products that I repurchase and keep on hand.

I go into Sally’s maybe twice per year so I am not a beauty club member.  I also never go back within the next week to use the coupons that they give out.  However, if there is a Sally’s near you and you regularly need to replace products, I highly recommend the beauty club.  It’s $5 but you get a $5 coupon to use on your next trip which makes joining the club free.  I plan to use it to take out my crochet braids in about 8 weeks and I will be sure to do a review.  If The Detangler works as well as I expect for my take down, I will make a special trip to Sally’s to buy a backup.