Dominican Blowout on Natural Hair – Why all the Controversy?





Dominican Blowout on Natural Hair – Why all the Controversy?

During your transition from relaxed to natural hair you may find it easier to just keep your hair straight.  Some transitioners have chosen to have a Dominican blowout on natural hair in order to make the transition process go smoothly.  They have the curly roots blended in with the relaxed hair weekly or bi-weekly at the salon.

A Dominican blowout is a process used at Dominican salons to roller set and blow out the hair with a round brush.  Sometimes extreme amounts of heat are used to blow out the hair, which is already dry from sitting under a hood dryer.  Some women complain of burns on the scalp from the blow dryer as well as the smell of burned hair.

If it sounds so harsh, why get a Dominican blowout on natural hair?  Quite simply, it’s fast and usually cheap to have a blowout done at most Dominicans salons.  If you have never done your own hair, using a Dominican salon for your transitioning hairstyles seems easy.

If you have a Dominican blow out done at the salon, what you will likely experience is an assembly line process.  It’s cheap and usually quick.  You will go into the salon, tell them what you want and then be told to wait in the line of women who are no doubt standing in a line by the wash bowls.  Someone will motion to you when it’s your turn for washing and you will sit at the bowl, have your hair washed a couple of times and they will add whatever conditioner you choose (you can pay for upgrades).  Your conditioner will be rinsed out and you will be directed to a second stylist to roller set your hair with magnetic rollers.

After your roller set is dry, you will be motioned to sit in the chair of a third stylist (or maybe the same stylist who set your hair) and your hair will be blown straight.  I typically would ask for just my roots to be blown out since my relaxed hair was already straight just from the roller set.  The result is usually straight hair that blows in the wind.

All in all it usually a fast process, definitely not more than 90 minutes and in some case closer to 60 minutes in and out.  It’s controversial, but a Dominican blowout on natural hair can be a style option for you.  And you can always try to perfect a Dominican blowout at home with the right tools.