Washing Natural Hair in Sections – 17 weeks and 3 days post relaxer




Washing Natural Hair in Sections – 17 weeks and 3 days post relaxer

I had previously stretched my relaxer until 18 weeks and 3 days (just prior to my transition from relaxed to natural hair) but I had not started to wash my hair in sections until I was 17 weeks an d3 days post relaxer.  This is a good protective hairstyle for transitioning hair.

For this wash I wanted to see how long it would take me to do my pin up style in the morning before work.  I wanted to get a cowashing and style down to 10 minutes under the dryer.  I only allowed myself 10 minutes to dry.  My pin up style did not fully dry.  I checked about 5 hours later and it was still damp in the middle.  That was fine though since natural hair loves to be moist.

There were still a few strands in the shower drain after I washed my hair in sections but nowhere near normal. The shed hairs were collected mostly in the Denman brush.  I finally know how to use the Denman after over a month of trying to use it on dry hair.  It’s not for use on dry, curly hair….but curly hair filled with conditioner. I was happy to see the long, shed hairs instead of lots of smaller, broken strands.  The shed hairs will have a white bulb on the end (the root) so you can tell if it is a shed hair or broken hair in your brush or comb by checking for bulbs.

My hair curled up immediately in some places once I stepped out of the shower.

I added aloe vera gel (target brand in the skin care aisle) and herbal essences long term relationship leave-in plus a bit of coconut oil for shine.  My hair was very silky and I was able to brush through it easily with the Denman brush.

I tied a scarf across the top of my hair to smooth down my edges.  I sat under the dryer for 10 minutes. I ended up with lots of ripples in my hair and I thought it was cute.  My hair was done with only 10 minutes under the dryer.  At the time I thought this style would be my go to hairstyle after a daily cowash; however, it gets too cold in my area to wash my hair everyday in the fall and winter.  I do still think this is a good protective hairstyle for transitioning hair.