Top Hair Tools – Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair





Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair – Top Hair Tools

One thing that you will realize as you transition from relaxed to natural hair is that you need some different hair tools.  I used the denman brush for natural hair.  When I first started my transition, a wide toothed comb and a denman brush became my best friend.

As your natural hair grows in, your roots will generally get thicker.  You will not be able to comb or brush your hair from root to tip with the typical rattail comb that you may have used on your relaxed hair.  In fact, this is probably the perfect time for you to start training yourself to comb your hair from the ends and back up to the root.  It is not easy to detangle natural hair and since you also have relaxed ends, it can be a challenge.  You should start to detangle your hair little by little, starting at the ends, and work your way up to the roots.  If you do not already have one, you should buy a silk scarf or silk bonnet (satin works too) to cover your hair at night in order to protect your hair from your bedding.  Some people also use a satin pillowcase instead of a silk scarf or bonnet.  A satin pillowcase also works well and prevents your hair strands from being snagged in the sheets.

Tools that you should buy, if you plan to do your own hair at home are:

hair clips and hair rollers

denman brush

bobby pins

spray bottles

small containers

hair ties with no metal clips

blow dryer

flat iron

hood dryer

hair steamer

scissors (from cutting out single strand knots)

These hair tools will come in handy if you want to blend your curly natural hair with your relaxed hair by straightening the roots via a roller set or if you want to roller set your relaxed hair to blend with your naturally curly roots.  You will also want  to clip your hair (single strand knots).


Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush 7-Row

If you do not buy anything else in this list, be sure to buy the denman brush for natural hair or some other similar type of brush that does not snag out your transitioning hair.  I have the D3 Denman  brush, with 7 rows which I bought from Sally’s.  There are a few companies that make a similar type of detangling brush.  Detangling products and tools will make the transition to natural hair go much smoother.