Saran Wrap Treatment to Straighten Hair




Saran Wrap attempt -13 weeks & 1 day post

I was 13 weeks & 1 day post relaxer at this time and I tried to use the saran wrap method to straighten my hair.  I normally would have gotten my relaxer touched up at week 12.

I apparently didn’t do it properly as my hair was not all that straight and it was not as moisturized as when I used silicone based products.I was trying a no “cones” regimen in an effort to add more moisture to my hair.I used Giovanni Direct leave-in after washing with diluted CON and deep conditioning with ORS Replenishing conditioner for 30 minutes. Giovanni didn’t give me a lot of slip but I was able to comb my hair without too much resistance. I then rollerset, using more Giovanni Direct in a spray bottle with lots of water. I placed the rollers randomly thinking that I would get my hair straighter using the saran wrap. I added a bit of olive oil moisturizer to my dry hair, wrapped it and then topped my hair with saran wrap.

I sat under the dryer again for 25 minutes (sweating half to death) and took off the saran wrap to have a look at the results.It seems that I need to do my traditional roller set method to straighten my hair a bit more before the saran wrap. Random roller placement did not work.