Maxiglide flat iron – 25 weeks and 5 days post relaxer



Maxiglide flat iron- 25 weeks and 5 days post relaxer

I had been contemplating relaxing for weeks since my hair has looked a hot mess.  My last relaxer stretch was 18 weeks and 3 days so this was new territory for me to go this long without a relaxer.

Instead of relaxing again, I decided to buy a different flat iron. I had not been successful with my FHI Platform SE, partly due to technique since I could not blow dry my hair well on my own and I was not too good with the comb chasing method of flat ironing.  I sold the FHI Platform.  I bought the Maxiglide because it was advertised as a one step straightener, no need to blow dry first.  The ads always featured a Black woman with curly hair being flat ironed without blow drying.  I was sold.

I washed and conditioned my hair and then added the styling products from the  Maxiglide kit (beyond & the end).  I let my hair air dry for about 4 hours and then started gliding.  I set the Maxiglide at “1”.  I used the steam at the bottom portion of my hair and then touched up the roots in the front with the miniglide (smaller flat iron that came with the kit).I was very happy with the results and kept the Maxiglide.  I do recommend a roller set and flat iron if you cannot do a blowout.  I had much better  results with a roller set versus the air drying method.