Mastered Roller setting – 5 weeks and 1 day post relaxer



Mastered Roller Setting – 5 weeks and 1 day post relaxer

I was 5 weeks and 1 day post relaxer and this was my 7th self roller set.  I finally found the perfect combination of products for roller setting my hair.  I did not have staple washing products but I did like creme of nature shampoo (which I diluted with water) and Suave Humectant.

For this set I did an oil pre poo for about an hour with Gro Aut oils (left over from a sample kit), then I washed with the leftover gro aut kit shampoos (finally used the last of the sample kit after 5 washes) and then I did a deep conditioning treatment for 20 minutes with ORS Replenishing conditioner. I rinsed that out with cool water and then left my hair wet.

To do this rollerset, I sectioned my hair into a mohawk and then used Shea Moisture Shea Butter leave-in on each of the 3 sections.   I used 14 two inch gray rollers and two 1 3/4 inch purple rollers plus one smaller red roller for a broken off section in the front of my head. It was a little tight under the Pibbs but not uncomfortable. I am not sure if I’d fit under the Pibbs with the 3 inch black rollers though? Even when I was wearing 18 inch weave the stylist at the Domincan salons (where I first saw the Pibbs dyer) would set my weave with the gray 2 inch rollers so maybe there is some truth to the hood on the Pibbs (and all other dryers I presume) not being large enough for the a full head of 3 inch black rollers?

I dried for about 35 minutes on medium and was probably dry by then since I dried fully in 35 minutes last week. I then dried for another 20 minutes on cool. I meant to dry on cool for just 10 minutes but a program that I like, Law & Order, was still on.  I read on somewhere that people dry on cool for the last part of their drying time (to close the cuticles) and it seems to have worked.

I am not sure if the shea moisture helped or the cool dryer setting but my curls were much firmer than normal and my hair felt very moisturized.  After a few days of wearing my roller set, I pin curled my hair and wore that style.