Komaza Care Hair Analysis

I finally caved in and had my shed hair analyzed by Komaza Hair Care.  The process involves collecting your she hair after washing and mailing it in to be viewed under microscopes.  I had always presumed my hair was 4a and fine.  I never could determine my porosity with any of the various tests one can conduct so I gave up.  Well, after the analysis I learned that my hair was 4a with some 3c mixed in and that my strands are medium, not fine.  I also have normal porosity.  I had been doing well with my hair; however, Komaza did find some midshaft splits that may be attributable to the blow out that I walked out on a couple of weeks ago. I learned that my hair routine is such that my hair should not have midshaft splits and one bad blow out with high heat and the wrong brush could have caused the damage.  I need to add more protein to my hair routine, including a deep treatment not just weekly light protein conditioners.  The $65 fee was worth it to learn more about my hair needs.