Dabur Vatika Naturals Hot Oil Treatment – Rollerset FAIL

I picked up a new product at the local Indian store, Dabur Vatika Naturals Hot Oil Treatment, a deep conditioner, which I used prior to a rollerset.  I filmed it here:

I used the treatment on freshly washed hair that was not detangled. The product foams when applied to the hair which I liked because I felt my hair was well coated.  I sat under my steamer for about 20 minutes and then detangled my hair very easily.  I rinsed out the treatment and then decided to rollerset my hair.  That was a disaster, partly because I’m out of practice but also because my hair took longer to dry than the normal 30 minutes on medium/low.  I took out the rollers after 30 minutes since I had to leave the house, but I clearly need more time under the dryer next time or maybe a higher temperature setting.

If you try this product, let me know how you like it.  I bought the 36 oz jar for $15.99 since the smaller one was not available at my store.



IMG_0143 2

IMG_0157 2