Califia Moisturizing Spray

Califia moisturizing spray is the bomb! I’ve been natural for a few years but I was still looking for a leave-in conditioner and a liquid moisturizer.  I typically use plain water to moisturize and a regular conditioner as my leave-in but recently decided to try Komaza Hair Care products: I started with some free samples of different products, which were okay, but once I bought a sample size of the Califia Moisturizing Spray I hit the jackpot. You can’t really convey moisture in photos but I will tell you that my hair feels moisturized for days after wearing my hair in a twist out.  I’ve been out in the sun all weekend at a family reunion and my hair still feels moist.

Most of the time my hair gets a bit dry by the end of the day two and by day three I moisturize and retwist.  Well, after using Califia I don’t feel the need to do that at all.  I mixed it with aloe vera juice, which did not work for me and made my hair crunchy.  However, mixing it with spring water, 1 part califia and 2 parts water, work well and made the 2 ounce sample last for about a week.  I plan to order an 8 ounce bottle this week.  I highly recommend the Califia Moisturizing Spray if you are still on the hunt.  If you decide to purchase any Komaza Hair Care products, feel free to use my discount code at checkout:  Mp6deH.  It’s good for your first order.