Keratin Treatment on Natural Hair – Rejuvenol (Second BKT)




Rejuvenol Keratin Treatment

I finally got fed up with the breakage of my relaxed hair.  I had a second mini chop done at the salon, after getting a second keratin treatment on natural hair.

The stylist used Rejuvenol.  I took advantage of the special – $99 including a trim and a second appointment for the first wash out after 4 days.  I really did need the trim but I hid my shorter hair from my husband.  It was still at my shoulders, which was our agreement when I decided to transition from relaxed to natural hair.

Transitioning to natural from relaxed is quite difficult, for me at least, since I just could not maintain the relaxed hair without breakage.  I was hoping to not have to cut too much more of my hair.  I went from relaxed hair past my bra to shoulder length….but at least my hair looked much more healthy.

Rejuvenol is very different from the Lasio spray on treatment that I had done a few weeks prior.  Rejuvenol is put on with a color brush and it makes the hair somewhat heavy.

In my case, I was washed out a few times (not sure of the brand of shampoo), then my hair was rollerset.  The stylist was not familiar with natural hair but I did show her how to do my comb out without ripping out my strands (from the bottom up instead of root to tip).

I was placed under the dryer for about an hour after she roller set my natural hair.  I was 68 weeks and 4 days post relaxer at the time of this second keratin treatment on natural hair.  The roller set on natural hair was an added step rather than blowing my hair out.  Once dry, the rollers were taken out and the keratin treatment applied.  A little less than 3 ounces was used for my entire head…..and there was some treatment leftover in the container once my hair was done.

My hair was blown out with the treatment on.  My stylist and I both wore a mask as did the second stylist who was working nearby.  The smell was not bad at all but a 3rd stylist came in later (after the blow out was done) and her eyes were watering immediately.   She opened the salon door for a while to let it air out.  My eyes did not water at all during the blowout.  This process was slightly painful because the treatment saturated my hair and made it nearly wet again (not damp).  A wet blow out on my curly hair is always slightly painful for me unless done on my own which is why I opt for rollers and then a blow out of the roots when I go to the salon.  My hair definitely felt coated and had more weight to it than normal.

After the blowout, my hair was flat ironed in tiny sections.  My eyes did not water during the flat iron and I took off my mask.  I am not sure of the temperature used but I do know that a mini flat iron and another ceramic iron were used as the Chi flat iron does not go up to 450 degrees.  My hair had lots of movement as you can see in the photos.

After I was all done, with super straight hair, my ratty, broken off ends looked more prominent.   I also had my hair wrapped and was put under the dryer for a bit to give it some shape since I was told not to pin it up or do anything but leave it straight for 4 days.  After seeing the end result, straight hair with body but ratty ends, I had to get it trimmed.  I was happy with the trim and could still do my daily pin up style.

We started around 10:30 a.m. and I was done by about 2:30 p.m.  The process is normally about 2 hours but I did sit under the dryer for about an hour to dry and again for about 15 minutes for the wrap.  My trim was less than 10 minutes.

After the first wash out, I did notice that my curls were looser and the relaxed hair was still very noticeable.  I was comfortable with the keratin treatment on natural hair so much so that I purchased my own Rejuvenol keratin treatment kit to use at home.