Keratin Treatment on Natural Hair – Lasio One Day formula




Keratin Treatment on Natural Hair:  LASIO ONE DAY FORUMLA

I took the plunge and had a Keratin Treatment on Natural Hair at a salon.  I thought it would be a good transitioning hairstyle for me.  At the time of my first BKT I was 66 weeks and 1 day post relaxer. I had a new 24 hour formula by Lasio which was very light….liquid not creamy/heavy. 10 strokes of the flat iron were not needed at all. It may be due to the light weight of the product though so the creamy treatment may require more heat?

I could work out and wash my the next day if I wanted but I did wait a couple of days to wash my hair. I work out often and did cardio & heavy weights the morning of my BKT – more weights and cardio than usual to prepare for the 4 day wait for the creamy BKT treatment. However, since I got the 24 hour treatment I took a day off from my workout routine.

The treatment was pink, smelled of bubble gum, and it was applied from a spray bottle and not using a relaxer brush. The One-Day formula has a formaldehyde level of .02%. The fumes were minimal but my eyes did water for about 30 seconds from the treatment when the front section of my hair was being blown out (downward angle for bangs). I was told that the bangs were very Heidi Klum. The watey eyes was despite the salon door being wide open and the AC running a few feet away.

My hair was not bone straight – which I hate – so I was very happy with the results. Although it is controversial, I did my resesrch in advance and was comfortable having a keratin treatment on natural hair.

My only real issue, after freaking the stylist out by showing up in a thick, wavy bra strap length half wig was that he was not familiar with type 4a tightly coiled hair. I had wet hair, from my co-washing, and he had to shampoo my hair. He was not able to detangle my hair (was using a paddle brush) so I had to show him – bottom up and not from the roots. I also ended up detangling my own hair. I detangled some of the back so he coud start the keratin process and then I detangled the front. It’s funny because he later told me that back in school he had a mannequin with type 4a hair that always had fierce hair and he explained to his partner how fragile “our hair” can be so he had to be gentle. All in all, I was pleased with the keratin treatment on natural hair.

After it was all done, he added some Morrocan oil shine serum and I was out the door… the RAIN!! Hubby picked me up though so no mishaps.

I do not recommend Lasio Studios as the prices are outrageous for the One Day treatment = $375-$500. The Maximum Strength treatment is $150-$350, which means you would need to keep the treatment in your hair for four days while the treatment processes. It is based on hair length and density, $150 being very short, very thin hair. You would need a consultation for an exact price. Check out area salons that use the Lasio 1 Day treatment.

The application process will take anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours (depending on the length and thickness of the hair). The keratin treatment is applied to dry, clean hair. The stylist will then blow dry the hair to a smooth and sleek finish. Lastly, the stylist will then flat iron the hair to seal in the treatment and create a glossy finish that is light weight.

My hair took about 90 minutes to wash and flat iron from start to finish.

I do think that the blow out is the most important step. Had the stylist been more familiar with my hair type I think I would have gotten even better results – although I am happy to not have bone straight hair that I cannot wait to wash out. My results were great so I was in no rush to wash like I normally am aftera silky straight flat iron.

After my first wash, my relaxed ends were far more noticeable.  As you can see in the photos, the relaxed pieces are super straight while my natural hair reverted to a curly state.  Although it is controversial due to the formaldehyde in the product, I am comfortable with using a keratin treatment on natural hair.  It worked out well for me as a transitioning hairstyle.