Half Wigs – Great Protective Hairstyles for Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair





Half Wigs – Great Protective Hairstyles for Transitioning Hair

I decided to try half wigs for the summer.  I was 75 weeks and 2 days post relaxer.

The wig is called Aisha and the brand is Outre.  It looks much better on than in the promotional photos.  This was one of the first times that that I successfully cornrowed my own hair.  I could not get the hand movements down for a while and was just flat twisting my hair underneath my wigs for a while, or putting my hair in a tight bun under my half wigs.

I recommend using curly half wigs the further along that you are in your transition.  If you use straight hair, you will need to use heat to blend your natural hair with the wig.  That could result in heat damage and could be a significant set back.  I recommend using curly wigs once your curly hair over takes you relaxed hair.

Half wigs are relatively inexpensive (for synthetic hair) and usually run around $20 each.  You can catch sales at major holidays at many local stores as well as on-line wig retailers.

Be sure to take care of your wigs.  Store them properly (on wig heads) and treat them with care.  There is nothing worse than seeing a woman you do not know walking around in a ratty wig because you know that you cannot say anything without risking a verbal assault for trying to help.