Going Natural: Mini Chop – 46 Weeks 6 days post relaxer





First Mini Chop – 46 weeks and 6 days post relaxer

I had my hair trimmed to get rid of the straggly ends and to give my hair some shape. I was holding on to length just for the sake of length. I finally came to the conclusion that so long as I can pull my hair back into a bun, a shorter length was no big deal to me. I pulled out the scissors this morning.

My husband freaked out when I attempted to cut my own hair this morning and instead sent me to his former stylist. He told me that she did great cuts such that people have their hair done elsewhere but come to her for cuts. Since it was only a trim and not a cut for any particular style, I figured she could not mess it up.

He stressed to her and her daughter (his current stylist) that they were not to chop off all my hair and that he would be very angry if I came home with no hair.

So, I saw his stylist and got a mini chop. It was a long wait, nearly 2 hours (with no appointment) but it was worth it. I felt so much better. I am no longer bra strap length aka BSL but more like arm pit length aka APL (if that). My hubby did not see my hair since I left the house with the same pin up style that I had in when I came home from the mini chop.   The mini chop made my hair easier to deal with when styling since I did not have to deal with as much super careful detangling of the relaxed ends.