Flat Ironing Hair at 50 weeks and 4 days post relaxer

At 50 weeks and 4 days post relaxer I attempted to flat iron again using Sabino.  I thought that if only I could properly blow dry my hair, I’d get better results. I do think that I used Sabino properly this time, I used it on wet hair.  I washed with June Jacobs clarifying shampoo and then used Aphogee two minute reconstructor (15 minutes with heat).  I used Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner (30 minutes with heat) and I also used some as a leave in along with Herbal Essences long term relationship leave-in.  I detangled and added Sabino to each wet section.  I blow dried in sections with cool blast at the end and I twisted each section before flat ironing.  I did not lose much hair during the detangling processed but unfortunately I made up for that in the blow drying and flat ironing process.  I saw a lot of hair coming out.  I used the comb attachment which may not have been the best idea.  I had no movement at all but it was pretty straight.

I could tell that Sabino would work wonders for a wash and go. I could see a difference in my hair after adding Sabion to the wet sections. I definitely coated my strands.  I used my Maxiglide on heat setting five and my hair was too hot to touch at times after one pass.