Dominican Blowout on Natural Hair (at home) 24 weeks and 2 days post relaxer




Blowout Attempt – 24 weeks and 2 days post relaxer

I attempted to do a Dominican blow out on my own hair after a roller set and it was a disaster. I tried a method I found on-line which included spritzing a bit of water on the hair before the blow out.

DISASTER. I had nothing but frizz and ended up wrapping my hair instead.  Do not spritz water on your natural or transitioning hair after a roller set if you intend to blow it out.  Learn from my mistake.

I ended up doing my usual pin up style, which I wore for much of my transition from relaxed to natural hair.

This is probably the time that I should have started to blend my relaxed hair with perm rods but instead, I decided to continue to straighten my curly hair to blend with my relaxed hair.  Once your curly hair is longer than your relaxed hair, I recommend curling the relaxed ends instead of trying to straighten the curly roots.