Curly Afro & Homemade Steam Treatment – 53 weeks and 2 days post relaxer




Homemade Steam Treatment – 53 weeks and 2 days post relaxer

Having never had a steam treatment, I had no idea what my should have looked or felt like afterward.

I did not buy a steamer but instead used a trick post online.

“HOME Grown Steam Treatment!
here are the tools:
2 Turban towels – turbie twists

Pink cleaning Gloves

2 plastic bags or plastic Wrap

Heating cap or Hooded Dryer (VERY
Important as there needs to be a heat source)

Bottled Water

Dunk the turbies in cold water then put them in a Glass bowl and heat them in the microwave until hot.

Use the cleaning Gloves to wring out one of the turbies. Put in on your head…. immediately put on cap.

Wring out the next turbie. Put it on top of the plastic. Cover with plastic cap.

Sit under dryer or under heat cap for 30 minutes.

Spray or rinse with COLD water to seal the Cuticle”

I did not have turbie towels so I use hand towels instead and sat under my Pibbs for an hour. I clarified with June Jacobs clarifying poo and then used Trader Joe Nourishing Spa condish (just bought today) since it gave me nice results in the shower (similar to Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose but way cheaper). I also picked up the Trader Joe’s Refresh condish and will try that next. I rinsed with COLD water – which was very uncomfortable!

I also used the Nourish Spa condish as a leave-in, sealed with Jojoba oil (bought at Trader Joe’s as well) and added a tiny bit of Karens Body Beautiful Hair Nectar (white tea) to my ends. Jojoba surprisingly left no oily look at all, not even on my hands. It’s not an oil that I had tried previously….but I do like it so far.

I braided my hair and then made bantu knots out of the braids. I covered my hair with a silk scarf to dry.  There were still a lot of straight pieces.  All in all this curly afro was a failed style in my book.

I did eventually purchase a hair steamer and find the process much easier.  Plus my husband likes the steamer too.  In fact he used a hair steamer at his salon before I ever tried out a hair steamer.  I find that my hair retains moisture for much longer when I use my hair steamer versus a regular deep conditioner under my Pibbs dryer.