Braid out on Transitioning Hair

At 28 weeks post relaxer I decided to try a braid out on my transitioning hair. I washed and conditioned and then braided each section with water and S-curl. I added end papers and rollers to the end of each braid since my last braid out did not come out great with my relaxed ends showing. I should have been focusing on making my relaxed ends curly well before 28 weeks post, but I was insistent on keeping my hair straight much longer than I should have during my transition. I highly recommend trimming your hair at regular intervals (while keeping the length) to avoid this issue.

I probably should have added perm rods to the ends but instead I used magnetic rollers. I am not even sure why I did not use perm rods since I had some in the house at the time. It came out better than my last attempt, but I did still end up putting my hair half up and leaving it half down.