Black Women Workout

You can exercise while you transition from relaxed to natural hair.  Many women work out around their hair appointment schedule.  I know.  I did the same thing back when I was relaxed.  To maintain my relaxed style during the week, I would take a bonnet attachment dryer to the gym and roller set my hair in the locker room after my work out.  I am not one to sweat too badly from my head so my hair was not wet set but more so slightly damp.

When I decided to transition to natural, roller setting was not always an option with the different hair textures.  Instead, I decided to use a scarf method.  I tied a bandanna around my edges to keep them smooth and I put my hair into a high ponytail.  That worked well for me since I am not one to sweat from my scalp.  However, if you do sweat from your scalp, you probably do not want to tied down you hair to force your hair to touch your sweaty scalp.  Only tie down your edges.  I find that a high ponytail works best during a workout while still holding on to relaxed hair.  Pin curls can also be your friend.  Although you may not feel comfortable working out in a gym setting with pin curls, it works well for me when I am at home working out.

In these photos I was over 68 weeks into my transition from relaxed to natural hair.