At the Crossroads to Going Natural: 18 weeks and 3 days post relaxer




18 weeks and 3 days post relaxer

It is time to make a decision, continue with transition or relax.  I had been in this place once before, at 18 weeks and 3 days post relaxer.  At that time, I decided to go ahead and get my relaxer.  That was just prior to my transition from relaxed to natural hair.  I had been wearing a full weave at that time with the perimeter left out so I could blend my hair with the weave.

The experience of managing curly hair was not difficult and I felt like I should move forward without a relaxer for a while longer to see how my hair would look.  If you decide to continue your transition from relaxed to natural hair, like I did, the first step is to stop getting your relaxer.

Life savers for me were my denman brush for natural hair and magnetic rollers. I have magnetic rollers in various sizes which you can tell by the different colors.

Salon Care Magnetic Roller Assorted

I detangled with my denman brush, usually in the shower with a head filled with conditioner, and then I would roller set and saran wrap my dry hair.  It was a process that I tried many times during my transition from relaxed to natural hair.  I have the D3 7 row Denman brush which I purchased from Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush 7-Row

I thought that a roller set on natural hair and a saran wrap treatment could be my go to style if I were not wearing my signature pin up.  Boy was I wrong.  Looking back on it now, I should have started to blend the relaxed ends with perm rods instead of continue to straighten my curly hair.  I attribute much of the breakage that I experience to so much manipulation of my hair when trying to keep it straight when all my hair wanted to do was to be curly.