WEN is surprisingly great – 49 weeks post relaxer



WEN was a pleasant surprise – 49 weeks post relaxer

I was 49 weeks post relaxer at this time in my transition from relaxed to natural.  I used WEN Fig cleansing conditioner again and am pleasantly surprised.  This was my second use of WEN. I used about 10 pumps of WEN to wash/condition and leave-in.  I had stopped washing my hair so often since it was winter.  I was down to washing once a week and wearing wigs during my transition from relaxed to natural.

I rollerset my hair using a spray bottle of water with two squirts of WEN Fig.  At this rate I figured that the 32 oz bottle of WEN Fig would last for about 3 months. I had hoped I’d hate WEN since it’s not cheap by any means but I really liked the product.  Thumbs up for Chaz Dean.