“La Efrah” Express Weave by Vanessa

I bought a new wig, Vanessa “La Efrah”, to blend with my natural hair.  It was $22.99 at a local beauty supply store.  I was debating getting a new set of Senegalese twists for the fall ($200 with the braider I like) but decided to use a wig instead.  There are not a lot of natural curly wigs that blend well for me without having to rod set my own hair.  I have Vanessa La Jay, which I cut, and I also have two Beshe Shelly wigs (I cut one).  However, I wanted to try a wig that I did not have to cut so much and that would be wearable right out of the package.

I had been wearing my cut version of Beshe Shelly (color 1b), blended with two strand twists.  My hair is dark brown (color 2 in wigs/weave) but I will sometimes order a darker color if 2 is not available.  You can see the color difference in the photos below.  Hubby and I went down to the Brooklyn Bridge park and to a movie.  By the time I got home my leave out hair was frizzy on top of Beshe Shelly.  It was a bit windy and Beshe has no combs.  I had not bothered to bobby pin her down.  One would think that frizzy twists would be a problem but it blended pretty well with La Efrah in the wig shop (color 1b/33).  If you don’t know, the wigs in the store have been handled, a lot.  They are usually a bit frizzy and are finger combed and styled by the staff and customers.  You don’t really know how it looks brand new until you buy it.  I bought the La Efrah wig in color 2.

Right out of the packaging, I liked her already! I did not do any cutting and I have not picked through this wig or done any finger styling.  For the first set of photos I just pushed my frizzy leave out over the edge of the wig.  I already knew that I would buy another one of these wigs, probably in a 1b/30.  It reminds me of Nia Girl by Freetress but the curls are tighter.

I went ahead and two strand twisted my hair with gel so I could wear her the next day (second set of photos).  It was such an easy blend!

If you own La Efrah, let me know how you like it.  How long did it last?