Spring Twists aka Curly Twists – Crochet Braids – Protective Hairstyle for Transitioning to Natural Hair






Spring Twists aka Curly Twists – Crochet Braids on Natural Hair- Protective Hairstyle for Transitioning Hair

I had this style in from 93 weeks and 6 days post relaxer through 103 weeks.  I had a new style done, crochet braids done as curly twists. I had them done on a cornrow base to make the process faster than installing individual curly twists. My hair was cornrowed and then curly synthetic hair was crocheted into the cornrow base and those curly pieces were then two strand twisted to form the style. The hair used is called “Dred Spring” and the brand is Royal Supreme. I did not buy the hair. It was supplied by my braider. These curly twists lasted in my hair for 9 weeks.The process was to take 3 hours but took 4 hours.

A trainee did work on my hair off and on doing the two strand twists after my braider crocheted in the hair and then worked on a weave client in the next chair. I suspect the process would have been at least 30 minutes less if there was no trainee and no weave client being worked in. I think it came out almost identical to the photos that I supplied.

It’s very long once the curls are stretched out. The curls will supposedly drop some so I am not sure how long it will look by the time it’s ready to come out.