Splitender Maxi Kit on Natural Hair

I purchased a Splitender Maxi Kit to trim my own natural hair since it has been difficult for me to find a salon that I trust for a trim.  It took a lot of effort to get the product as the website is almost always out of stock.  When I did place my order, the tool arrived without being fully assembled and it was missing the blades.  This happened with a personal friend as well as several other orders.  The vendor was very apologetic (I received at least 2 calls from 2 employees) and they sent out a fully assembled blade section.  I sent back the pieces for the upper section (no blades), along with the hair plate that I ultimately needed and should have kept.  The vendor sent out a new hair plate promptly once I alerted them of the problem.  Their customer service is exceptional and I would order from them again.

My first impression of the Splitender when it arrived with no blades it that it was flimsy. However, once the blades are installed, it’s a substantially heavier tool.  The Splitender does work to trim just a small amount of hair; however, I found that I had to trim with the Splitender as well as my scissors on each section.  Some of the splits were just not trimmed despite going over each section 3 times as recommended.  I have not had a trim in exactly 7 months; however, I was in Kinky twists and Senegalese twists for 5 of those months.

For this trim I rinsed my clean hair with water.  I had washed chlorine out of it the night before after a water park trip and conditioned in the shower.  I allowed my hair to dry overnight in 6 twists.  Once I wet my hair, I added John Frieda Heat Protectant Serum and blow dried on warm.  The blow out took about 20 minutes using a comb attachment and tension.  I then flat ironed in small sections.  I did not do my normal overnight deep conditioning to infuse moisture into my hair so it was definitely not a sleek blow out and flat iron but it was fine for my trim.  The flat ironing took about 30 minutes.

I started to trim my hair at 1:07 pm and was done trimming by 1:48 pm.  This included stopping to use my scissors for some splits.  All in all I am pleased with the results in that I did not chop off my length and it was a simple process.  Some of the trimmed hair does fall out as you are trimming since the hair compartment is not sealed.  I should also mentioned that I was not all that careful when switching the Splitender from side to side such that those movements also allowed the trimmed hair to fall out.  I had trimmed hair all over me as well as in my sink and on my bathroom floor.

If you are left handed, you can change the direction of the blades with a simple switch on the tool.  I’m right handed.

I cleaned up the tool with the small brush that comes with the Maxi Kit but I found it easier to just use my spray air can.  It was much faster than using the brush.

I think the Splitender could definitely be used to maintain a professional hair cut if you want to maintain a specific style but not keep paying the high salon prices.  I will continue to use the Splitender for the next few months to see if I am able to get all the splits with the tool rather than also using scissors.

I did not film the process as there are tons of videos on how to use the Splitender on youtube.  However, if you prefer a slide show click here: http://youtu.be/uSvjcWhS0wk

 Let me know how you like the Splitender and if you are able to use just the tool instead of the Splitender plus scissors.