Seamless Combs

A few months ago, while still wearing Senegalese twists, I bought a few seamless combs – combs with smooth teeth.  I did some research and decided to buy from  I ordered the 201 (fine tail), 205 (medium rake) and 206 (handle rake).  They did not look seamless at first, but then I washed out what I thought was seams. It turned out to be shavings I guess from when the combs were sanded down.

So, why did I research and buy seamless combs?  I had been using a denman brush for a while and then I also bought the Tangle Teezer.  I personally did not notice breakage from using either of these tools but many others did confirm healthy hairs were snatched out by the denman.  I also do not care for the curl pattern that results from my use of the denman brush on my 4a, tightly coiled hair and there were way too many reviews about the Tangle Teezer causing damage to take the risk.  I had not been hearing that snap, crackle and pop when combing and brushing my hair; however, if you are hearing such sounds then you may want to change your hair tools.

I do not comb my hair daily; however, on wash day I like to fully detangle my hair to remove all shed strands.  I start with pulling out shed hair with my hands and then I use the wide toothed comb to detangle and work my way to the medium toothed comb and then the smaller toothed comb.  These combs glide through my hair with no breakage.  I have worn only curly styles since using these combs so I have not tried them, yet, on dry hair.  However, based on my research I am confident that they will work well on dry hair.

I took my twists out about a month ago and I have to say that I am enjoying using these combs.