Dry Hair While Swimming

I’m learning to swim and a big concern was keeping my hair dry.  I was not inclined to start washing my hair twice a week after swimming.  A trick that worked for me is using two swim caps.  I use a latex over my hair, pulled down to fully cover my ears.  I cover the latex swim cap with a medium rubber bubble swim cap, the one with the chin strap.  The latex cap is so low on my head and skin that there is no room for water to seep in.  It’s sealed along my skin – no gaps.  The second cap, which is pulled down as low as possible, also helps to seal out water.  You can find these bubble swim caps locally or online.  I have a small circumference so I ordered my medium bubble cap online.  The only size available in local stores was large.

If you find that the latex cap is too small, you can cut a hole across the top and use it as a headband, pulled down to your ears with your hair sticking out of the top.  You do not want any gaps in the seal against your skin.  Please be aware that cutting the cap will make it more prone to ripping.  The swim cap in the photos is a red latex cap since my purple silicon cap ripped apart after a few uses.  That purple silicon cap was cut across the top and used as a swim headband to make sure there were no gaps.  I may purchase another silicon cap and I will be more careful when applying and removing it.

Prior to my two swim cap trick, I had been coating my hair in conditioner or coconut oil before class and rinsing my hair with a mix of vitamin C and water to neutralize the chlorine after swim class.  This new technique saves me from washing my hair so late in the evening although I do still spray my bathing suit and towel with my vitamin C mix.