Roller Set Natural Hair and Flat Iron – 49 weeks and 6 days post relaxer




Roller Set Natural Hair and Flat Iron – 49 weeks and 6 days post relaxer

I decided to do an Aphogee 2 minute protein treatment, followed by a flexi rod set (which I thought looked a hot mess).

I ended up doing a flat iron with my Maxiglide and used Sabino Moisture Block (too much I might add) on my entire head. I liked the flat iron results using the Maxiglide, especially since it is one step and I do not have to blow dry, but did think I used way too much Sabino. I put some Sabino on each section to flat iron.

Prepoo with Hair One (olive oil)

Washed with a mix of WEN Fig cleansing conditioner, June Jacobs Clarifying poo & VO5 Kiwi Clarifying conditioner.

Protein treatment – Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor with heat for 10 minute (with plastic cap)

Conditioner – Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner w/ plastic cap for about 30 minutes with no heat & then 20 minutes with heat.

Rollerset with flexirods and completely did that wrong. It took much longer to dry than with my normal magnetic roller set style.

Flat ironed the following day after adding Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose as a leave in and then used Sabino Moisture Block on each section (brushed through) and used a Maxiglide on setting 3.  What I really like about the Maxiglide is the steam.  The steam function helped to release the curls from my already dry hair after a roller set.  My roots were smooth without having to blow dry may hair.  I was never really good at blow drying my own hair when I started my transition from relaxed to natural hair.  My arms would always ache when I tried to blow dry my hair and it would never come out like at the salon.