Ponytail Roller Set – Cheat Set



At 11 days post relaxer I attempted a ponytail roller set. The mesh rollers did not come out as expected so I tried magnetic rollers. I put my hair into a series of ponytails with elastic bands.

Again, I aired dried my hair since I did not have a hood dryer at the time. The pictures show a close up of what my hair looked like after the ponytail roller set. I had little to no body in my hair. It came out better with the mesh rollers than with the ponytail set and magnetic rollers.

I wrapped my hair for bed and it got a bit too straight so I used Caruso steam rollers to give me some body. I just had my relaxer touched up less than 2 weeks prior. I would not attempt to use Caruso steam rollers on natural hair since I think the steam would cause my straight hair to revert.