Phony Ponytail – Protective Style 37 Weeks Post Relaxer





Phony Ponytail –  Protective Hairstyle for Natural Hair –  37 Weeks Post Relaxer

I was looking for a protective hairstyle for natural hair to give myself a break.  I was debating buying the clip on hair piece called “The Mane Clip” and decided to play around with extensions that I had in the house and a hair clip to see if the mane clip is something that I could use.  I made something equivalent and saved a lot of money.  I ended up also buying some human hair extensions, Milky Way, to use for my phony ponytail.

After playing around with bobby pins, track extensions & a hair clip, I know that the mane clip would have been much faster.  However, the casual black “mane clip” (selling for $9.99 + approx $6 in shipping) was not as ornate as my $2 cute black hair clip.

A phony ponytail that matches your hair color and texture is a great option for a protective hairstyle.