New Hair Regimen for Twist Out

I love the way this twist out turned out on my natural hair.  It has taken me over two years to figure out the best products for my natural hair.  Hopefully you can use these tips and save yourself some time and money.

For this twist out my goal was 5 day hair with no retwisting.  I attended an out of town wedding and drove down with my hair in 38 twists covered with a fashionable head scarf.   My twists looked cute enough to wear outside as a style but I opted not to do that since I was going to be in the car for 7 hours.

It took me about 45 minutes to twist my entire head while watching a movie.  I took down the twists once they were fully dry and I did not have to do much separating since the twists were already in small sections.  I added coconut oil to my hair once untwisted and headed out to the wedding.

I used only Lily of the Valley Aloe Vera Gel to twist each section.  I did not use any water or any leave-in.  This style was done on hair that was already in a 5 day old twist out using Nature’s Gate Henna Shine enhancing conditioner as a leave in.  I did not try this style on freshly washed hair.

A good tip, that I realized during the take down process is do not under any circumstances add hair to the opposite section if you find your twists do not have an equal amount of hair.  Be sure to use two equal length sections of hair when twisting.  It makes the take down process much easier since you can simply unravel each twist slight from the root and pull down.  I had at least 5 sections near the front where I did not use this technique and I had some minor tangling that I had to carefully undo as I untwisted my hair.

For bed on night 1, I put my hair in 3 small ponytails aka pineapples with the curls sprouting out at the top, to keep my curls from being crushed.   It rained on day two but my hair did hold up okay.  I fell asleep in the car on the way home (7 hour drive) so the back of my hair was crushed a bit more than I wanted.  I did put my hair in 3 pineapples once I was back at home and it was presentable on day 3.  I did not retwist at night but only put my hair in 3 pineapples.  I would fluff out my hair in the morning, add coconut oil for shine and go.

By night 4 I was down to just one pineapple (pictured) and my hair was still presentable for day 5.  I could have gotten at least one more day out of this style but I was heading out of town for the weekend again and needed to wash my hair.