Naptural85 Springy Twists

I finally tried the Naptural85 a twist out method on my natural hair as demonstrated for her mini twists.

I am not interested in trying mini twists but decided to try her mini twist method after my husband’s two strand twisted locs did not come out all that great after he tried a new salon.  His twists seemed too loose and like they would easily unravel so I suggested he have them redone using this tight twisting method shown by Naptural85 –


It worked well for him so I did the same method on my two day old twist out.  The result from making my twists tighter by twisting in place rather than moving my hands downward as I twisted was super springy twists that were very defined.  Products used for my initial twist out were Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme and John Frieda Clearly defined gel.   When I tried the Naptural85 method I used only a little bit of water on my dry hair and a finger full of Miss Jessie’s on each section.  The results were so springy and full that my husband thought I had on a wig….in a positive way.

Let me know how this method works for you!  Thanks to Naptural85.  Although I did not try mini twists, it did work well for my style.