Mowrah Butter

I decided to give Mowrah butter a try as part of my fall and winter hair care.  I want to keep my hair moisturized and seal with a butter.  Mowrah butter reminds me of a cross between cocoa butter and shea butter.  It is not as hard as cocoa butter but it is also not pliable like shea butter.  It’s a soft, solid butter.  I had to heat my Mowrah butter in the microwave in order to use it on my hair.  For use on my skin, I was able to rub a chunk of Mowrah butter directly onto my skin and it melted on contact, similar to how cocoa butter melts on my skin.  My Mowrah butter has no noticeable odor.  The benefits of Mowrah butter are that it prevents skin from drying and it is said to stop wrinkles from forming.  Once this Mowrah butter is used, I do not think I will reorder.  

I have not seen any noticeable difference with using Mowrah butter on my hair to justify the price $8.39 per pound), which is not that high in comparison to other product I’ve purchased; however, with shipping the price is exorbitant.