Lace Front Wig

I ordered a human hair lace front wig directly from China.  I had been looking for a straight wig to wear instead of straightening my own hair.  I am worried about heat damage.  I ended up ordering from a company in China, a company that I do not recommend.

I ordered a stretch lace cap and combs; yaki bodywave, color 1B, 16 inches in length.  It was $88 + shipping.

The wig was much longer than 16 inches so I cut it.  My hair was about 16 inches, straightened, and I needed it to look realistic.  I tried a local hair salon but they refused to cut a wig (concern about damaging it).

I apply the wig with no tape and no glue since I am worried about losing my edges.  I use wig clips.  I think I do a pretty good job if I do say so myself.  I sprayed my “scalp” with a blend of spray glue and fake tan spray, a tip I found on another hair site.