Keratin Treatment on Natural Hair at Home (3rd BKT)




Rejuvenol  Keratin Treatment on Natural Hair (done at home)

I decided to try a Keratin treatment at home after having two treatments done at the salon.  My first treatment was with Lasio One Day and my second treatment was with Rejuvenol.  I preferred the Rejuvenol treatment and bought my own kit.  A video is below.

The steps are pretty simple, and I had it done at the salon twice so I was familiar with what to do.

I washed my hair with the clarifying shampoo and then applied the treatment to dry hair, hair with no product applied.  The directions actually call for applying the treatment to blow dried hair but I did not do that.  Then I applied the treatment in small sections to my dry hair.  The next step is to blow dry the hair with the treatment applied and once all blow dried the flat ironing begins, in small sections.  My husband helped me out since I was still not that good with blow drying my own hair and I was not able to get to the back of my head easily.  He was careful to not get the treatment on my scalp which I have heard does cause a reaction for some people, likely due to the formaldehyde.

I definitely did not get salon results at first (and I needed a trim) but it was fun to do my 3rd keratin treatment with my hubby.   In the end, after reading a few tips, it came out great!!!  I was 76 weeks and 6 days post relaxer at this time.

We started at 3:30 p.m. and I finished flat ironing by 7:15 p.m.  The longest part was for hubby to apply the treatment to the back of my hair (an hour) and then I did the front.  He blew out my hair with the treatment on and I flat ironed it.  I used my Maxiglide MP on setting 10 and I also used the miniglide.  Neither of us was that great with blow drying and I think that is a very important step in making sure the hair comes out smooth.

I used keratin treatments to help with my transition from relaxed to natural hair and not to wear straight hair everyday.  After washing, I rollerset my hair and pinned it up in a loose bun.  Although it is controversial in the natural hair community, I have used a keratin treatment on natural hair at least 9 times.