Hide Your Hair Products if you do not live alone!





Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, but most importantly, Hide Your Hair Products 

For some reason that Bed Intruder song just popped into my head when I was writing this. Hah!  If you have not seen it, check youtube.

Something that became a problem for me during my transition from relaxed to natural hair was my husband using my hair products and tools.  He was super supportive of my transition and it was his idea for me to go natural.  He saw my hair after a weave take down and felt that my arm pit length hair was long so he did not think I needed to use weave.  I agreed and started to grow out my own hair.  Once it got longer (stretching my relaxer) he asked me to go natural since he felt the relaxers were causing my hair to be thin.

I took him up on it and did transition from relaxed to natural but I had no idea that it would mean sharing hair products. I had picked up a few natural hair products for black women and he started to use them pretty quickly. First it was my Hello Hydration conditioner, then he was under my Pibbs dryer.  At the time that I took the photo of him under my dryer, he did not know it, but he is now fine with me sharing the photo.  Later it was my Aubry Orangic honeysuckle rose conditioner and then my unscented Karen’s Body Beautiful hair milk which I had just purchased the night before.  He didn’t touch the White Tea hair nectar (probably due to the feminine scent).

I started to hide my hair products with the cleaning products but he noticed pretty quickly when he was looking for my Shea Moisture leave-in conditioner.  I had 2 full bottles but after he found them I had 2 half empty bottles.

The positive thing is he did use my reject products unless of course they did not work for his hair either. I had him using up the Giovanni 50:50 products for a while but they made his scalp itch something fierce.  They did not work for me, which is how he got them, so I gave them to a friend at work who also decided to transition to natural.

That is what I get for having a husband with long hair and a dry scalp.  It did turn out to be a good thing though since he always makes sure we are well stocked with our hair products and hair tools.  It was a good thing during my transition form relaxed to natural hair because I did not feel awful about being a product junkie since I could pass the products along for him to try out.