Hair Model for A Day – Modeling Natural Hair

I was asked to be a hair model for a hair show in New York City hosted by Honey B Creations, and I accepted.   I had no idea about the event at all until I saw a tweet on twitter asking for last minute hair models for natural hair.  It turns out the salon, Sabine’s Hallway, is near my house and I was available.

I arrived at the salon at 1 p.m. and was done by about 5 p.m.  There were a few hair models being done.  My hair was done using water and Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream.

As you can see in the photos, I had my hair done in a pretty edgy style, two strands twists that were put in bantu knots with cornrows on the side. It’s a bantu knot out done on my fully natural hair. It’s sort of a mohawk aka frohawk.  I think it’s cute and it will fall over the next day or two to look fuller, once the two strand twists are taken apart.  I will add more photos of the finished style tomorrow.  As of now I am not to touch it or undo any more twists.