Hair Growth Products – Can Natural Hair Growth Be Increased?


Do Topical Growth Aides Work?

Lots of people take vitamins and use topical products to try to increase their hair growth rate in order to speed up their transition or to just grow out their hair faster.  I have only tried one topical growth aide, Mega Tek Cell Rebuilder.

I used Mega tek in various ways for 3 months.  I used it as a deep conditioner, a cowash conditioner and also as a rinse out conditioner.  I was overwhelmed with how soft and manageable my hair was after just the second use.  I could not believe Megatek was giving me any kind of results – and I am a true skeptic. At the time, I was of the opinion that even if I did not see growth from Mega-Tek, I would buy again since no conditioner that I had used (especially a 5 minute leave in) had ever given me that much slip which made detangling and roller setting my 3 textures a breeze.  At first I noticed distinct tingling, although I had rinsed out the Mega-Tek. On day two, I noticed a sort of light headedness (not quite a headache).  At the time I did realize something was off and I decided that I should only use Megatek a few times a week instead of two days in a row.

Over the period of time when I used Megatek, from late April until early August, I noticed that Mega-Tek made my hair incredibly soft.  I had not been able to easily comb through my 3 textures (new growth, texlaxed/mild relaxer & relaxed) without lots of tangles prior to Megatek.  Of course, it could have also been the use of the denman brush to detangle now that I finally got it.  I initially thought that I would continue to use them both for a long time.

After using Mega Tek for 3 months I gave up on the product.  I did not see any real results with respect to faster hair growth so I decided not to reorder after going through 2 bottles. Mega Tek did make my hair easier to comb through but I found that Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner provided the same results without the odd tingling feeling (slight headaches).

So, do I think topical growth aides work?  I can say that Mega Tek did not work for me, but I would not knock anyone for trying to increase their growth rate.