Full Wigs – Protective Hairstyle

By the time I was 61 weeks into my transition from relaxed to natural hair, I had a mini chop but I still had a significant amount of relaxed ends that I needed to blend with my curly hair for the times I decided to wear my own hair out.  More often than not during this time, I relied on full wigs and half wigs.

By that time I had developed a collection of phony ponytails, half wigs and full wigs such that I could change my hair style every day of the week.  I was comfortable enough to wear long hair one day, shorter hair the next and then long hair again, all at various work events and meetings.

The photos below are from work meetings and events: Polly half wig, Maya II half wig, Amani full wig.  If you are not confident enough to go from short to long and back to short all in a short time frame, you could always stick to the same length of wig or trim your wigs to all be around the same length.