First Dye Job – Henndigo Moroccan Henna Powder and Organic Indigo Powder

I did it, I dyed my natural hair!  After the strand test went so well, I decided to dye my hair using the Moroccan henna powder and organic indigo powder.  I filmed a lot of it, including mixing the henna and indigo and then applying the paste.  It was about 6 hours total to mix the paste, wait for the dye to release, apply the paste, wait for the color to set and then wash it all out.  I missed some spots and had to go back over my hair with the remaining henna paste.  I left the paste on for 3 hours although for my strand test I left the paste on for 7 hours (overnight).  I planned to leave it on longer but my husband unexpectedly came home early from work.  I had not intended to be caught with the paste on my head so I rinsed it out.  The smell is not horrible, but it’s very earthy and sort of smells like garden soil.

All in all I am happy with the results and will try this again.  My brown hair is a little darker (the color of my strand test) and I felt the conditioning benefits so much so that I almost did not deep condition my hair after the henndigo treatment.

Enjoy the video here:


50 grams of Moroccan Henna Powder

50 grams of Organic Indigo Powder with sea salt (premixed from vendor)

mixed with hot, bottled water (about 3/4 cup each)

Applied to clean, damp hair

Deep conditioned for 3 hours (honey, olive oil and conditioner)

*You should not was your hair with sulfate shampoo for 48 – 72 hours because it can strip the indigo.*