Bigodini Conici Italian Hair Rollers

I ordered plastic mesh Bigodini Conici hair rollers direct from Italy since I was able to get a friend to send them to me for a reasonable price.  I filmed my rollerset here:

I’ve seen them online for $19.49 for a 6 pack of white rollers and $19.49 for a 12 pack of pink rollers.  I bought 24 white rollers and 24 pink rollers for under $10 per pack which included shipping.  I hear these rollers are used at Ethiopian salons in the Washington DC area but here in NYC I have not seen the rollers or an Ethiopian salon.  I was so excited to try them that I roller set my hair right away.

I am not great with pin placement so I did end up using a combination of clips and pins to hold the rollers in.  They were super easy to install (specifically made for cosmetology students) and my hair was dry in 30 minutes!  As you can see from my last roller set video, 30 minutes was not enough to dry with magnetic rollers.  I planned to roller set weekly for the rest of the year when I bought the rollers since it’s now so much easier for me.  I had long ago given up on roller setting my natural hair but with these new rollers, I can use my Pibbs dryer much more often.  I had recently considered selling the Pibbs but now it’s a keeper.

I just started taking swimming lessons so I probably won’t rollerset every week unless I can find a swim cap that keeps my hair dry, which I hear is impossible.

If you have these rollers are have used them at the salon, let me know what you think.