Do Wigs Intimidate You?

If you have never worn a wig, it may be intimidating for you to go out to try on your first wig.  I had this experience and was reminded of it recently when a friend asked me about wigs for the first time.  She is having some medical issues that will result in her losing her hair very soon and the idea of researching and trying on wigs was scary.  Remember, wigs can be used not only to have a finished daily style as you transition to natural hair, but wigs are also a fun way to try out hair cuts and hair colors that you might now want to try on your own hair.  I still use wigs although my transition is over.

I was a frequent weave wearer for several years prior to my transition from relaxed to natural.  Although I only wore wears for a few years, I was someone who never considered using a wig.  My prior experience with wigs was seeing them as hair hats that were not all that flattering.

My opinion definitely changed once I was well into my transition to natural hair.  Blending my hair with a weave was not something I considered since I had 3 textures of hair.  I needed a wig that I only had to blend in the front (half wigs) or a wig to fully cover my own hair.  Wigs have come such a long way and until you go out to look at them in person or look at wig reviews on youtube, you cannot imagine how natural a wig can look.  Gone are the days of hair hats!

I did not want to cut my hair so I was dealing with several textures as I grew out my natural hair.  I had bone straight relaxed ends, mildly relaxed mid-sections and natural roots.  This is because I had my hair stylist texturize (mild relaxer) my hair instead of doing a bone straight perm for a period of time before I went natural.  I was wearing wet and wavy strand by strand (aka fusion) weave and bone straight hair did not blend well.

If you are intimidated by wigs, your first step should be to ask your friends who use wigs for suggestions of where to go.  If you do not want to ask your friends, you can check youtube for style you want to try or go into your local wig salons to try on a few styles.  You do not have to buy anything to try on wigs.  It’s fun and it’s free although some salons will  have a limit on the number of wigs you can try on during your visit.

Personally, I love to shop for wigs and I decided to take a trip to a wig salon with my friend who was intimidated.  My hair is in Senegalese twists for a couple more weeks so I could not try on any wigs; however, we had a great time.  She found not one but two wigs that looked amazing on her, much like her current hairstyle.

do wigs intimidate you


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do wigs intimidate you