DIY Havana Twists

I put in my own Havana Twists!  Well, not my full head but I did finally put in my own extensions.  I filmed it here:

I’d been wanting this Havana Twist style for well over a year and now that I finally decided to get them installed, the salon where I had my consultation is out of business.  I called around to see if I could find some place to have them done and the more I thought about it the more I realized I could do them on my own.  It’s not like I don’t do two strand twists on my own hair all the time. I grabbed my leftover Marley hair and started installing twists.  The Marley hair that I had leftover from my Senegalese twist style is 1B and way more coarse than I realized.  Since I have been using henna and indigo, my hair is not 1B anymore so the color is off.  Also, the texture of Marley hair is very rough which I didn’t really realize until I had to personally work with it.

I can’t do any of the hidden braid or counterclockwise double twist methods so I just did what was easy for me.  I managed to installed 8 twists and am comfortable that once my fingercomber Havana twist hair arrives that I will be able to install them on my own. Here is a sneak peek of what my hair will look like when I done with the install.  They took about 2 minutes each to install so I think I could do my full head in under 2 hours with 60 twists or less.  I have spent far more than 2 hours on my hair on any given weekend.