DIY FAIL: Havana Twists

I called myself installing Havana Twists this week but it was a total fail.  Here is the video:

I just could not get the install correct after washing my hair and prepping it for the install.  I had 43 sections, which I now realize was too small.  I ended up taking it all down since it was such a hot mess.  I used my twist and wrap install method shown here:
After all of that, I got them done by the braider who did my Senegalese twists over a year ago. She did a good job, 3 hours, 33 twists and 3 bags of finger comber hair with 9 strands left over.  I may, one day, try this look on my own but I need to practice my technique before I’d feel comfortable wearing my DIY Havana twists out of the house.

I also won’t bother with finger comber hair again.  I think Marley hair works just as well for this style if you are doing very firm twists like mine.  The finger comber hair is better if you want a more puffy look, a look which I realized I don’t prefer.