Brown Women can wear blonde

Brown women can wear blonde wigs.  Have you ever really wanted to try something other than the usual color 1B, 1, 2, 4, 4/27 or 1b/30 hair.  Yes, me too but I was always afraid to try anything too different from my own hair.  Yes, I do own one 1B/30 and one 4/27/30 but that was always the extent of my color attempts.

I decided to try out blonde although I consider myself a dark skinned woman.  I have  never worn blonde hair and have only tried on blonde hair in the wig shop as a joke.  I was surprised that this wig looked pretty nice on me.

The color of this hair is 27 at the top with darker color (I think color 4) on the bottom layers.  I am not sure that I’d buy a full blonde wig; however, now that I am finally comfortable with color I will buy something other than my usual darker hair colors.

I have Senegalese twists installed under this wig but once I take them out in about another month, I intend to cut the lace on this wig and take her out.

Do yourself a favor and try out some color!