Blow Pro – Blow Out Salon

I decided to try Blow Pro salon since I am still looking for a salon that can do a blow out on my natural 4a hair.  The blow out process when I do it on my own takes hours since I do a lot of deep conditioning and pre-treatments to infuse moisture into my hair.  If my hair is not properly moisturized, it will suck moisturize from the air and get frizzy.  I can blow out my hair in about 25 minutes and flat iron in about 35 minutes but the deep conditioning process and heat protection treatment can add several hours.  Sometimes I deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner overnight.

I thought I found the spot when I came across Gregory at Blow Pro.  He is a stylist and trainer for the salon.  I found photos of him doing very curly Caucasian hair on Facebook and I thought he would be able to handle my tightly coiled hair.  Yeah, I was wrong.  If I had made a bet, I would have lost big time.

The usual appointment is 45 minutes but for first time customers it’s a one hour appointment since they build in time to assess your hair.  The price is based on texture and length: $40, $50, $60.  My blow out was $60 .

Gregory came over to greet me and grabbed my heavy hand bag to walk over to his station.  He took my jacket to hang up and we talked about my hair, which was in a twist out.  I warned him that it was a manipulated style and my curls were much tighter.  He asked if I was all natural (I am) and said he specializes in curly hair.  I was a little excited by this point but since I had heard this before at several salons, I was reserving judgment.

We went to the sink at the rear of the salon where my hair was washed and conditioned.  Gregory gave me a nice head massage while the conditioner was on my hair and we talked a little about other curly hair salons.  Once the conditioner was rinsed out we went back to his station to start the blow out.  He started with a vent brush and it was snagging my hair as he brushed from the ends toward the roots.  I asked him to use a different brush and he did.  We talked a lot about what I use on my hair at home and my own blow out process….which does not include a comb or brush.  I use my hands and tension to avoid snagging my hair.  I appreciated this since some stylist I have tried did not ask me anything, they just presumed they knew my hair care routine and what would work best for my hair.

The blow out process was fine, but it was obvious that Gregory was not used to handling natural hair.  He seemed to be struggling with my curls.  Caucasian curls are very different from my curls.  He used a lot of products to relax the curl, some things that are being tested at Blow Pro, but they did not seem to work on my hair.  He was very careful to not snag my hair.  I was able to read a magazine which is not normal for me since I have to keep telling the stylist to stop tugging on my hair or to be more gentle.  My one hour appointment ended up being nearly two hours (15 minutes shy of 2 hours).

My hair was not moisturized well such that my hair started to get frizzy as soon as I left the salon.  By the time I got home about 30 minutes later (took the subway) my hair was a frizzy mess.  I pulled out my Maxiglide and redid the flat iron and added some coconut oil for shine.  I then pulled out my Splitender to do a trim and just put my hair in a bun.  I had been meaning to do another trim (I needed it) and I just did not feel like doing my own blow out and flat iron.  As you can see, I am still on the hunt for a salon that can do a decent blow out on my natural hair for the times when I just do not feel like doing it on my own.  I have long since stopped using the $25 Dominican salons since they are incredibly rude and nasty when they see my tight curls.  I speak and understand Spanish and do not appreciate my hair being called “bad”.  I had high hopes for all of the blow out salons that I have tried; however, to date I still do my own blow out better than the salons.

Have you found a salon that can do a blow out on natural hair?  If so, please share.