Avocado Butter

I have been looking for a butter to use on my natural hair for the fall and winter to seal in moisture.  My most recent butter is avocado butter.  I was expecting it to be more greenish like the fruit but my butter, ordered online, is more yellow.  It’s not really a butter like Shea butter, but it’s an oil that is hydrogenated to create a butter.  I have not really noticed an odor although some people say it has a mild scent.  It’s pretty thick and does not move at all when the container is turned upside down.  It looks super greasy, like you would expect from an oil.

I tried this butter on my freshly washed hair after using my leave in conditioner.  The next day my hair was not as moisturized as I had hope.  I then used the avocado butter on my skin and was very surprised at how much it moisturized my dry skin.  I have used prescription lotion in the past to deal with dry skin so it was a shock to me that avocado butter worked so well.   I paid $9 for one pound of avocado butter plus shipping which was high.  I am not sure if I will purchase again, at least not for my hair.  If it continues to work so well for my skin, I’d consider ordering again.